1. PMO Free: Day 48 (Feels good to get things done)

    Happiness: 55/100
    Urges: 24/100
    Productivity: 40/100
    Resolve: 93/100

    Today I tried waking up early. I just couldn’t. I finally fell asleep too late and my body just did not want to cooperate. I did however did some exercises in a CAD program today. Learned a few tips and tricks. It felt good. I want to be productive more often. It sucks while you’re doing it but once its over, the pleasure is incredible.


  2. PMO Free: Day 47 (Been streaming as an outlet)

    Happiness: 54/100
    Urges: 27/100
    Productivity: 40/100
    Resolve: 93/100

    For the past week I’ve been streaming on Twitch.tv .  I don’t know what but it feels extremely liberating to speak to a camera not knowing whether or not someone is watching on the other end. It feels as if I’m venting my pent up anger and remorse. It’s like I’m a balloon and streaming is a little orifice in which some pressure is released. I like streaming. I think I’m going to do it more just to help me deal with my anxiety and angst. I just need an audience. It sucks being a social mute. :X

    I also fulfilled my ALS ice bucket challenge today. It took 5 hours to edit a video because I had to look up and learn new Sony Vegas techniques. Not a bad day :).



  3. PMO Free: Day 46 (Never knew how much my coworkers liked me)

    Happiness: 57/100
    Urges: 26/100
    Productivity: 40/100
    Resolve: 95/100

    So I told my manager that I will be putting in my 2 weeks notice before quitting. She seemed quite sad when I told her. She said that I was one of the best workers she’d ever had and that everybody liked me. I was shocked. I’m not exactly sure what I did to garner their favor. I thought I was just being curt and respectful. I knew my place. I did what they told me without question. I thought that was the basics of being employed. At least on the retail level. The manager went on to say that when the work schedules were being made, the assistant managers would always want to be placed at the same time slot as me. Wow. If that doesn’t put a spring in my steps, I don’t know what would.

    As for PMO, everything’s normal. I apologize for not posting for the past few days. It just got to the point where I would forget what I did when I procrastinate the posts. I’m going to try to do what I did before and post every day. That way I wont’ have to play catchup.


  4. PMO Free: Day 43 (I need to stop being a nightstalker)

    Happiness: 41/100
    Urges: 27/100
    Productivity: 1/100
    Resolve: 90/100

    I think I should start sleeping early and waking up early to do productive things. I’ve noticed that most of the productive things I do are at night and I’m not exactly sure that it fits my lifestyle. I’m more relaxed at night and doing work stresses me out. But it also stresses me out if I don’t do it because then I’d be guilty of not being productive during the day. Catch 22 situation. So I think will start being a normal person and sleep early so I can wake up early to work on my hobbies/skills.

    Flatlining is still going strong. I haven’t felt any strong urges and in fact I haven’t even thought about anything dirty or bad today.


  5. PMO Free: Day 42 (Errands take up so much time)

    Happiness: 40/100
    Urges: 31/100
    Productivity: 40/100
    Resolve: 87/100

    I’m pretty much an errand boy for my mom. I mean I don’t mind since she got me my car. It’s just that it takes up so much time from what I want to do. I can’t work on Project Gumiho that much because of the errands. She doesn’t wanna drive so I have to drive her everywhere. Dunno, I just wish I got a little more time.

    As for PMO, it’s business as usual. Urges has gone down. My mood is better now than it was yesterday.


  6. PMO Free: Day 41 (Never felt so down in a long time)

    Happiness: 22/100
    Urges: 33/100
    Productivity: 1/100
    Resolve: 86/100

    So today (8/26) is my birthday. I don’t know what it is but I’m always depressed when my birthday comes around. I feel this way because of my lack of anybody that I could definitively call a friend. All of my friends are what you can consider as acquaintance++. Meaning they’re more than normal acquaintances but not yet a ‘friend’. I don’t know. I think my standards for how a friend should act/be like are too high.  I used to have good friends. Then I had to move to Cali. Maybe it’s also due to my personality. I’m difficult to get to know at first but once I open up, I go ham. But there’s always a silver lining. I’m glad that I was able to live another year to experience my birthday again. 365 days is a long time between successive birthdays and lots can happen in the time in between.

    With a drop in mood, my urges followed suit as well as my motivation to be productive. It’s just how it works I guess. I’m so disgusted at how us humans are so predominantly controlled by our emotions. I guess we just aren’t evolved enough to act independent of our emotions.


  7. PMO Free: Day 40 (Anything worthwhile is hard at first)

    Happiness: 37/100
    Urges: 50/100
    Productivity: 75/100
    Resolve: 87/100

    I realized that the reason many people quit their goals/hobbies prematurely is because the process of learning new things is an uphill battle from the start. There are a myriad of elements to learn when you’re diving into something new. It’s just the nature of it. You’ve never done it before and therefore are out of your comfort zone. Essentially, you’re alienating yourself intentionally in hopes of acquiring new experiences and sometimes even gaining useful skills. However, the alienation v. gain ratio is different for everybody. Some people don’t have to exit their comfort zone as much and will still gain as much experience as others who have to be completely out of their comfort zone. This is the cause of why people fail and/or give up on their goals. If you’re to keep on the path and work through all the hardships then you will be awarded with the experience you seek. This of course relates to nofap, no doubt. I was practicing C++ intensely and I broke a “plateau”; so to speak. I realized that programming isn’t as hard as I thought it’d be and looking back, I’m way wayyy better now than I was a year ago. It’s crazy. The incremental changes go unnoticed and it isn’t apparent that you’ve made progress until you compare yourself in a larger time span.


  8. PMO Free: Day 39 (Praise is not something I’m used to receiving)

    Happiness: 47/100
    Urges: 61/100
    Productivity: 40/100
    Resolve: 86/100

    Today I had an early morning shift. It’s an “open” shift. Surprisingly, I was not tired for it. I had a closing shift the night before and didn’t get out until 10:45pm. I had to go back in at 8am. Not a lot of time. But I managed it.I was doing whatever work my manager was telling me and I worked as best as I could. When the manager was leaving, she said that I was doing good work. Out of the blue. I’m not sure if she said that just to boost my morale or something, but I’ll take it. It feels nice to be recognized for something. The work was menial and wasn’t that difficult, but I guess I must’ve lived up to her work standards in one way or another.

    I realized that what my body needs is a good night’s rest. I’ve been getting interrupted sleep. I don’t get much rest. Perhaps 5 or 6 hours tops. No wonder my body just seem to want to shut down after I eat something. It’s trying to make up for the deficit. My habit of listening to podcasts and/or YouTube personalities talking and lulling me to sleep is taking a toll on me. I realize that even though I’m not consciously processing the information, my brain is still doing work in the background and not resting like it should. I quit this habit last night and this morning woke up feeling relatively refreshed. I was well enough to be able to work at almost peak performance efficiency. Also, it’s been over a week since I quit soda and any sugary drinks in general. Tbh, it’s not as hard to quit compared to PMO. Probably because I wasn’t as dependent on it as I was with PMO. But now even PMO seem like a distant challenge. Baby steps. That’s all it takes. One foot in front of the other. One at a time.


  9. PMO Free: Day 38 (Perspective and retrospect)

    Happiness: 44/100
    Urges: 57/100
    Productivity: 1/100
    Resolve: 85/100

    I’ve been having frequent bouts of depression/sadness as of late. I’ve been so lethargic and unmotivated. I’m not sure what’s the cause of this. Could it be the effects of flatlining? Hrm. I want to do things and accomplish goals, but my body just does not want to cooperate. Sounds like an excuse, right? It might be. I gotta get over this habit. It’s not a healthy lifestyle.

    I watched some P today. It wasn’t to get off. I just wanted to see if I would fall back into the habit. Good news. I felt nothing. Not a single thing. It all seem so fake now that I’ve been off the stuff for over a month. I actually don’t find it all that appealing now. Like, at all. Been getting random urges again though. Gotta watch out for that.


  10. PMO Free: Day 37 (Not as eye-shy as before)

    Happiness: 43/100
    Urges: 35/100
    Productivity: 45/100
    Resolve: 84/100

    As I was heading out to the gym, I saw a cute girl standing near an opened garage door. I assumed that she’s the gf of the dude with the motorcycle inside the garage. Anyhow, I thought she was cute so I gave her a look a smile at her. When she noticed that I was looking at her, she looked away. However, I maintained my eye contact and she glanced back for a second before looking away again. Now I know what the threshold is for creepy-ville, so I looked away after she looked away. Mind you, this exchanging of looks lasted for half a second so it wasn’t exactly a stare-down. But boy do I feel good. Usually when I would approach cute or pretty girls I would shy away from looking at them. But no more. I will enjoy their beauty and let them know; while staying within the bounds of reasonable and not crossing into creepy territory.


  11. PMO Free: Day 36 (I’m getting pretty good at automation)

    Happiness: 39/100
    Urges: 36/100
    Productivity: 50/100
    Resolve: 83/100

    Today (8/21) I was scheduled to work the closing shift. If anyone who used to work in retail knows, working the closing shift is the 2nd worst shift. This is because the last minute shoppers have a tendency to cause problems and make it awkward for the employees. Also putting back discarded items to its appropriate shelves is a huge bother. I hate doing that. I’ve been working there for more than 6 months and I still don’t know what items are in which aisles. Can’t you tell I love working there? /sarcasm

    Relatively slow and uneventful day as far as PMO is concerned. All’s quiet in the western flank; so to speak. My conversation skills are improving, so that’s something.


  12. fullyactivated said: Nice blog you have there.

    Thank you! I’m glad you like it :)


  13. PMO Free: Day 35 (Sensitivity is back!)

    Happiness: 37/100
    Urges: 41/100
    Productivity: 60/100
    Resolve: 79/100

    Many years of self abuse, my manhood suffered from insensitivity. Now, I can attest to the sensitivity coming back. At first i thought it was a minor infection or something. However, there doesn’t seem to be any redness or particulates in that area. Everything seems to be in working order. It’s kinda funny actually. It’s been so long since I felt sensitivity there that I thought that something is wrong with it. Haha.


  14. PMO Free: Day 34 (Went to see a movie)

    Happiness: 39/100
    Urges: 45/100
    Productivity: 40/100
    Resolve: 77/100

    My mood was elevated today. My friend was getting off of work and he wanted to see if I wanted to grab dinner with him (no homo). I decided to accept his offer. Why not right? It doesn’t hurt to get out of the house and this was my excuse to do so. Mind you, I’m not the type of person to go out without a purpose. I don’t really have much motivation to take random walks around the neighborhood. Anyhow, he had wanted to go to a Pho place and found a location close to where he and I live; relatively. Turns out it was a vegetarian place. LOOOL. That dinner was a healthy one. I felt it was a little too healthy. We went to the movies afterwards to see Lucy. We were a tad bit early but that’s good. it was good timing. I felt the need to offset the healthy meal with some buttered popcorn. Gotta have balance in one’s life, right? ;). Lucy was pretty good. Very Madoka-esque towards the ending. A lot of it is BS but hey it’s a movie. It’s supposed to be entertaining. And entertaining it was. Scarlet Johannson can act.

    Because of the excursion, I didn’t feel the urges as much as before. I was happier. All is well today.


  15. PMO Free: Day 33 (Errands all day everyday)

    Happiness: 34/100
    Urges: 51/100
    Productivity: 1/100
    Resolve: 73/100

    I have absolutely no time to do anything by myself because I’m constantly driving my mom around for her errands. Not that I mind, but it takes up a lot of time that I could be using doing other things. I resumed my gym going after a 1 month hiatus. Needless to say, I’m not in the same shape I was when I stopped going. But at least I don’t have to start at the bottom, which is nice? I’m gonna start doing cycling exercises. Just running gets stale quick.

    As for the PMO thing. I’ve cut out PMO from my life and at this point it feels like it wasn’t even a part of my life. I finally see that PMO was a useless habit and it need not be a part of anyone’s life. For far going strong. Urges have subsided and I’m feeling a little better. Maybe that’s because of the exercise? Who knows.